Thursday, 10 May 2012


Our blog is looking for good books to recommend and buy for our class. So, any authors reading this PLEASE comment and tell us about your book/books (for 10-11 year olds) and why we should recommend/buy them!

Thank you!
P.S Please get in touch with us at!

Try beating this lot!

The tagxedo of book recommendations

The Maple readers each have a favourite book. Harry Potter; The Hunger Games or the Kitty Slade series we would all reccomend.

We all decided that we should inform viewers every book we would recommend. However, none of us could manage to decide a decent and eye-catching way of showing these books. Finally, we found a funky and fun way of arranging the books- a tagxedo.

Friday, 4 May 2012

New Reading Blog!

This is our brand-new blog for Maple Class Readers! On this blog, we will add more posts for books, countdowns to a new book in one of our favourite series! This is our class blog - Maple Greenfields. This blog is run by the Maple class Digital Leaders. FOR BOOK WORMS ONLY!

One of our favourite books, The Hunger Games.